Early stage investments from involved principals.

Early stage investments from involved principals.

Blu provides initial growth-stage funding and active mentorship to early-stage companies, while delivering strong returns for its members and the entrepreneurs we support. We promote job creation and professional development in our community.

Experienced Investing

As an entrepreneur, a lot is riding on your shoulders. Your family, friends, and employees are counting on you. Even when you’re not at work you’re thinking about your business. Am I doing the right thing? What is the right way to grow? What have I not thought of that is going to harm my business?

Every principal at Blu has built a business (or two or three). We know what it’s like to give the big presentation to your biggest customer in the morning and empty the rubbish bins at night.

While every company aspires to be a “unicorn”, the reality is that only 0.14% of venture-backed consumer and enterprise tech startups will reach a valuation of $1 billion or more. The good news is that as an entrepreneur, you don’t need to be a unicorn to be wildly successful—and neither do we. As a Primary Source VC, our own capital is invested alongside yours. The majority of tech M&A occurs in the $15-$30 million range. We like to invest in companies that aspire to grow beyond this measure, but for whom an exit in this range would still represent a rewarding success.

Investment Focus

We make venture capital and private equity investments in early-stage companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, typically investing $250K to $1.0M in a single round. When larger financing rounds are needed, we may syndicate deals with other investment groups in our network. Our goal is an accelerated (3-5 years), successful exit (3–5x), for both company founders and investors alike.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Technology companies that have SaaS and/or enterprise software models in diverse domains such as Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Digital Media, and non-invasive Biological Sciences.

  • Technology companies targeting solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense, Homeland Security and Intelligence Community sectors.

  • Special situations including acquisitions and spin-off re-structurings.

Founding Blu

In 2010 a group of individual investors found themselves with a similar challenge. Having built businesses themselves, they learned from their personal early-stage investments that the deeper their involvement, the better the results both operationally and economically. The challenge: to harness the involvement and capital of like-minded professionals to grow their early stage investments the same way they built their own businesses.

Together, they sought to establish a firm with the same analytical rigor and post-funding involvement as a traditional VC, while looking to the principals themselves as the primary source of investment capital.

Blu Venture Investors is the result.

As a Primary Source Venture Capital firm, Blu’s principals bring expertise across a variety of industries and an investment perspective closely aligned with entrepreneurs.

Over the past several years Blu has helped numerous early stage companies navigate the growth process from proof-of-concept to scalable revenue models and successful exits. Given our close operating relationship with every one of our investees, Blu has participated in numerous follow-on rounds, which constitute nearly 50% of our capital deployed to date.

Our Team

Blu’s principals work with you, investing their money and experience to foster disruptive innovation.

We Value

  • Integrity

    Because trust is essential to develop long-term partnerships and success.

  • Knowledge

    Lifelong learning as a way to understand technology and the market.

  • Perseverance

    Overcoming adversity and continuous effort are necessary ingredients to success.

  • Engagement

    Because trust is essential to develop long-term partnerships and success.

  • Agility

    Adapting to changes in the market is key to creating innovation and success.

Our Partners

Blu works strategically with selected organizations in the Mid-Atlantic Region to further our goals of identifying and supporting promising early-stage companies: