Principal Investors

Principal Investors

Blu’s principals are a “by invitation only” group of approximately 20 accredited investors. We work in partnership to identify, screen, invest in, and monitor our portfolio companies. We are active investors who are heavily engaged with our portfolio companies to help them grow and get to a successful exit in 3-5 years. We each bring years of successful business experience and contribute to a collegial and collaborative partnership.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact a principal.

Code of Conduct

  • Partners First

    Principals believe in maintaining a harmonious and collaborative partnership with their portfolio companies and other principals.

  • Consistent Feedback

    Principals will give positive and constructive feedback to the entrepreneurs that present.

  • Frank Discussions

    Principals will disclose any conflicts of interest they may have to the other principals.

  • Confidential

    Principals will keep confidential the proceedings of all Blu meetings.

Affiliate Program

The Blu Ventures Affiliate Program is a “by invitation only” group of accredited investors. These investors are provided Blu due diligence materials and quarterly/annual reporting of our portfolio companies. They invest alongside the Blu principals and benefit from our close engagement with our portfolio companies.

Affiliates have the opportunity to invest via an opt-in model which mirrors those deals in which Blu members have already agreed to invest. This unique arrangement affords the affiliate members exposure to deal flow they would not see, substantive due diligence, and institutional-quality documentation and governance—all without the time commitment. Twice per year, we invite the affiliates for a Blu meeting and reception to network with principals and one another.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Hal Shelton or another Blu principal.


Blu members’ diverse backgrounds and extensive experience is our biggest asset in making investment decisions.

I like the quality of my partners—operating experiences and successes, intelligence, commitment, and sharing of ideas. It is a small group of nice folks. We have a disciplined due diligence and investment decision approach and active involvement before and during investment.

I like the fact that all of us principals are experienced operators. As such we have better chance of picking winners from among too many investment opportunities, coupled with the expertise to really help our portfolio companies post-investment.

I like the breadth of knowledge and experience. It keeps me from skipping due-diligence steps.

I like the community: smart, decent people who are willing to risk their money while helping companies succeed!

I had been investing in startups for 30 odd years with moderate success. I participated directly at the seed level, through VC’s as a limited partner and also at the mezzanine level through brokers. After these experiences I concluded that Blu’s investment model was fairly unique, it reduced risk by direct involvement with the portfolio company and offered a much higher probability of success.

Blu principals are a broad set of experienced operators who can not only assess opportunities in great depth but also provide very helpful support to the portfolio. On a personal level, I really enjoy the integrity of the team and the support I have received from fellow members in helping me assist the companies I am overseeing. It’s a great place to be!