Manufacturer of biological identification systems for airborne and liquid-based pathogens.

Pathsensors, Inc. manufactures biological pathogen identification systems focused on environmental and food processing system testing. Pathsensors has developed and commercialized a disruptive technology (CANARY®) enabling the highly reliable identification of airborne and liquid-based pathogens. The company’s BioFlash instrument operates as a stand-alone, compact, biological aerosol collection and identification system. CANARY® technology was developed at MIT Lincoln Labs and licensed to Pathsensors in 2010.

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Is your back garden infected by the nasty "plant destroyer"? #Phytophthora #Garden #Rhododendron
Hi @Lavenderfarm! I'm curious, how many plants do you have between your three organic lavender farms?
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Today's #FoodSafetyUpdate from PathSensors: There are 265k Shiga toxin-producing E. coli cases in US annually #O157

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