Provider of solutions and services to help clients expand their exposure on social networks to drive web traffic

SocialToaster is an enterprise-level technology platform that helps companies amplify their social media messaging to consumers. SocialToaster helps companies engage their fans and facilitate viral content by enabling an organization to recruit its most highly engaged existing connections, who with a single click, can share targeted web content across multiple social networks. SocialToaster puts the control of the message promotion in the hands of the organization, but also maximizes the impact and analysis capabilities of messaging efforts.

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"You don't need a celebrity to influence buying behavior. Advocates drive the most engagement" #BrandAdvocacy
User-generated content is powerful. Learn to encourage your brand’s Superfans to create and publish branded content…
"Advocates are more than just loyal; they are passionate champions for your brand." #EmployeeAdvocacy
86 percent of loyal customers will recommend a brand to their friends. #BrandAdvocacy

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